Tuesday, May 24, 2016

XT860 4G ... "Phone Is Subsidy Locked, Plse Contact Service Provider" Done

Milestone Driod 3 XT860 4G ... Phone Is Subsidy Locked, Plse Contact Service Provider ...

"Phone Is Subsidy Locked, Plse Contact Service Provider" Mns Too Many Attempts Entering NCK ... Simply Mns The Phone Is Permanent Locked

The Phone Is To Be Unlock Via ONLINE SERVICE
Recieved NCK Within 3 Days [ 7 Digits ] From Livewirecebu
Can't Enter ...Phone Is Permanent Locked

Action Taken:
Perform Soft Reset ...Resulted Still Locked
Perform Hard Reset ...Resulted Still Locked
Power On The Phone In Sudsidy Locked State And Wait For 2-4 Hours ... Still Locked

Tools We Need To Flash The Phone:


RSD Lite :
Andriod USB Driver:
Xt860 Flash File:

Perform HardReset ...Put Phone In FastBoot Mode ...After Installing Soft Needed ..Install Driver If Needed

Browse XT860 .XML file At RSD Lite Then Press Start

After Flash It Will Reboot And Ask Network Enter NCK :-bd

Local Network Available

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