Tuesday, May 24, 2016

XPERIA X10 mini Android hard reset

XPERIA X10 mini hard reset via software update

Update Xperia X10 mini firmware with PC companion software

Force a restart of the phone if the phone hangs and can't be restarted normally.
Update your phone. Even if you have the latest software, updating your phone can improve
software stability and solve other problems.

Resetting the phone
Resetting the phone deletes all data, including downloaded appliions, and resets the
phone back to its initial state, the state before you turned on the phone for the first time.
Make sure to back up important data you have on the phone before you reset the phone.
To reset the phone
1 From the Home screen, drag upwards.
2 Find and tap Settings > SD card, USB Mass Storage & phone storage > Factory
data reset > Reset phone.
3 Enter your screen unlock pattern.
4 Tap Erase everything.

There is also a RESET button on the back side of the device (under the IMEI sticker in the lower left corner) under the battery cover.

Download PC companion and install

Install PC companion on your PC computer. Follow instruction. For firmware update you need a micro USB cable. When the pc recognizing your txt it will install the necessary driver files.

After your txt connected press Start / in Support Zone

You can also use update service tool

PC Suite is out of date use PC companion software instd

If nothing works: As last resort do a txt phone repaire with PC Suite. Use this method to hard reset AFTER INSTALLATION----> TOOLS > PHONE REPAIR

Software - Smart (UK)

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