Tuesday, May 24, 2016

VolcanoBox 1.8.6 X2-02 Rda & Coolsand Fully Supported !!

VolcanoBox 1.8.6
whats new ?
Coolsand adds auto identify flash sizeCoolsand adds USB new flash icAdjust MTK 625A flashingAdjust MSTAR flashingSPD 6600L adds new flash ic

About Rda 8851a X2-02

i had been in lahore for 2 days. i tested many of X2-02 from different companies. Got some problem and Fixed now. now i had tested many X2-02 rd and write all is tested and working fine now. let me explain you. for rding and writing on rda/coolsand . 1st select Auto from list and rd working flash file after make it rar. check rar file size. if unrar flash file size is 4 mb then after rar it must be round 2mb if after rar file size in kb then this file is not rded fine. so for them you have to select other flash id and rd flash again and again make it rar. after rar if file size is in mb almost half then fine otherwise your rded file is not good and when you will try to write that file which file size after rar in kb for sure your mobile will dd. So next time after rd flash you must make it rar and test it's size. if size is almost half than original then good other wise no.

Click here to download . You all have to watch it. This is hotfile Direct link. you can download this file from hotfile with any internet download manager without having premium account

Click here to download 1.8.6

Click here to download X2-02 Flash files. tested by me.

VolcanoBox Mirror Support ar !!

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VolcanoBox 1.8.6 X2-02 Rda & Coolsand Fully Supported !!

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