Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Very short review of TOP 3 tablets on the market

Yesterday I bought second tablet in my Android carrier - Galaxy Note 10.1 (N8000). Internet is full of different reviews about this device, so I wont be writing essay about it. What I want to do, is to write about 3 current high-end tablets you can find on the market and why non of them are worth to buy. This concerns:Galaxy 10, Galaxy Note 10.1and Transformer Infinity. I will mostly write short pros and cons of ch.Every of these three devices presentsdifferent approachof using a tablet:Galaxy 10 ---> hand onlyGalaxy Note 10.1 --> hand & active pen Transformer Infinity ---> hand & board dock
Galaxy 10
The build quality of 10 is superb. Screen is actually the best on the market. Hardware (CPU, GPU) are top components as well. However, using N10 with only a hand makes this device nothing more then a overgrown phone. You can browse internet, zoom in or zoom out 100 times the same pictures, watch a (if you have some battery bank with you), chat with friends etc. You can do all these amazing things...Oh wait... no, you can't!There is no 3Gconnectivity. So if you are not close to some Wi-Fi hot-spot (you can make one yourself if you have enough mobile data-plan in your smartphone) you can only watch photos, rd some e-book or listen to the music. Or you can browse the Internet on your tablet sitting home on the couch with your notebook next to you. I don't know what's so cool in browsing Internet on 10" screen, if you can do it on 15"4 screen as well, with full board and mouse. Let's get back to that hot-spot. Why it sucks? Because now you need 2 battery banks. One for your tablet, and one for your mobile phone.
You might say there are many advanced active pens on the market you can buy and use with your 10. Sure, you can. Try to make a note having your hand lying on the screen. It's not possible to write anything (at lst nothing rdable) if there is no software protection against random hand touch (like has in Note 10.1). So forget about using pen with 10. Pure Android is not rdy yet for active pens.
Pros:Grt screen (2560 x 1600)Grt hardwareGrt designCons:No 3G connectivityNot rdy for active pens, so using this device is limited just toentertainment.

Galaxy Note 10.1
Now... let's be honest. I'm notdisappointedwith this device. But I'm also not that excited as I was when I bought my first tablet - Eee Pad Transformer TF101. So what's wrong about it? It's design, so it feels plastic. And no matter how grt and innovatory this plastic will be, it still feels like plastic. Other tablets are plastic too, but when you hold you feel like holding a c plastic. Sorry, it's they way I feel. But what is worse, it's crking here and there. , plse! For that price you give us c, noisy plastic? I'm not saying it's crking a lot. But it shouldn't be crking at all. Another things is the screen. 1280 x 800 isembarrassingresolution for 10'1 tablet. This should not happen. Screen quality is just bad. And there is no Gorilla Glass. By the way - S-Pen feels c too.
When it comes toconnectivity, it's one of not many tablets on the market with 3G connection. So if you have a SIM card with at lst 2 GB mobile data plan, it's a perfect solution to have your tablet connected all the time.
The best thing about this tablet is not S-Pen. It's software. And trust me - I'm a fan so it's not sy for me to say that I like anything about software. But when it comes to using a pen, this is the only tablet on the market with such advanced software for handwriting. There is also grt multitasking - you can have active appliions on the desktop and work without closing ch other. It would take too long to write about all amazing things you can find using this tablet together with S-Pen. If you're looking for a tablet that you can use not only for fun - Note 10.1 it's the only right choice.
Pros:Grt active pen (S-Pen)Amazing software for handwriting and grt multitasking ftures3G connectivityCons:Plastic designLow resolution (1280 x 800)No Gorilla Glas protection body

Transformer Infinity
The last one from the TOP 3. tablets are well known from their board dock stations. What is so grt about it? In my opinion - nothing. But let's start from the beginning. Screen in this model is somewhere in between 10 and Galaxy Note 10.1. It has 1920 x 1200 resolution. Not as good as 10, butdecisivelymuch better than Galaxy Note 10.1. It also has IPS+ panel instd of TFT (guess which one have TFT...?). Also there is 3G connectivity. Of course if you find TF700TG version. So far 3G variant seems to be a ghost version, almost like 10 in some countries. Build quality is very good, I like the design as well. Again, it's between 10 and . Not that good as N10, but much better then Note 10.1.
When it comes to software I must say I pretty like it. GUI is not as expanded as Sense or TouchWiz, but it gives you some more widgets and appliions than pure Android (Galaxy 10).
Now the best part - board. This is the approach I find the mostridiculous. And the uselesstoucadis lovely too! Just one question - if you need to write fast on your portable device - why using limited Android with quasi-board is better then using ultrabook with (or Linux) CPU, big SSD drive, HD graphic and 4 GB RAM? If you want to carry 10'1 tablet with external board, you can get or ultrabook for the same price. With much more ftures and power under the hood.
Of course you can buy an active pen. But like I mentioned before in 10 part, using an active pen withouta special software is pointless. It just wont work as you could expect.

Pros:Good screen (IPS+ 1920 x 1200)Nice designGood build qualityCons:Almost not possible to find model with 3GNot rdy for active pens, so using this device is limited just toentertainment (if you don't have board dock)If you actually have board dock, think aboutfunctionalityof such combo against e.g. Envy ultrabook.
As you can see, there is no perfect tablet on the market. At lst not for me. Some of them are missing 3G, some of them are not yet rdy for handwriting. And if there is a tablet with 3G and grt handwriting software, it doesn't look as good as it could. Maybe it's time for to show some tablet? We haven't seen from anything new with 10'1 screen since a long time.
So what the best tablet should be and look like?Galaxy 10 build quality and designWi-Fi and 3G connectivity (additionallyvariant with LTE instd of 3G) handwriting software & S-PenIPS+ panel with2560 x 1600 resolution, covered with Gorilla GlassTop CPU, GPU and sufficient amount of RAM memoryMicoSD card slotFor such tablet I will pay every price.
At the end, here is some thought - do you think tablets have a chance to survive in a world where more and more ultrabooks and notebooks have touch screens or even rotating screens (like XPS 12, ThinkPad Twist) or dual-screen like Taichi.

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