Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Update For Sigma Software v.2.07.01-Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI- devices on Hi-Silicon K3V2 supported Added

Update For Sigma Software v.2.07.01: devices on Hi-Silicon K3V2 supported Added Direct Unlock / Repair IMEISigma Software v.2.07.01 is out!

A sensational brkthrough:
We have added support for new group of flagship smart on
Hi-Silicon K3V2 processors!

for the following 9 smart:

♦ Ascend D1 U9500-1
♦ Ascend D1 Quad U9510
♦ Ascend D1 Quad XL U9510E
♦ Ascend G615
♦ Ascend P2 U9700L
♦ Ascend P6-U00
♦ Ascend P6-U06
♦ Quad U9508
♦ 2 U9508

Review of the procedure:
open ADB Android tab, select "ADB port", root the smartphone, and start the servicing process.
Full manual can be found in the corresponding section of Sigma website.
PACK 1 activated is required to use this solution.

Download Sigma Software v2.07.01

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