Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tutorial: Rikomagic MK802II Firmware Upgrade procedure via PhoenixCard Tool

Hello everybody. Here you'll find a tutorial about how to flash the MK802 II firmware.

Tools Needed

1. Phoenix Card Tool - download version 306_20120302 from here.
2. Minimum 1 GB micro SD card.
3. Micro SD card writer/rder.
4. OS
5. Firmware upgrade file (.img). Download Rikomagic MK802II version 20121205 from here.


1. Plug in your micro SD card writer with micro SD card inserted
2. Run PhoenixCard.exe
3. Select Drive
4. Select File
5. Select Write Mode - Product
7. After is written to micro SD card, just pull out and insert the micro SD Card into MK802II device
8. Power on MK802II, wait for 4-5 minutes, untill the power indior (blue light) will automatically turn off
9. Remove the micro SD card and power on MK802II again.
10. Firmware successfully upgraded.

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