Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SST BoxOne Box Drivers-Free download

SST BoxOne Box Drivers-Free downloadSST Android Suite is free software developed for SST-GSM by Anatoliy Tanev.(New version 2.1.1-updated 22 Oct 2014!) 1.Direct Download Download Now!
SST Android Data Backup Tool and SST Advanced Adb Shell. The installer could also install eric WinUsb ADB Driver (which is needed if the original driver is Google Legacy ADB Driver). Added Android Suite Program Launcher!
SST Android Data Backup Tool is a tool which helps the users to rd and backup the entire DATA partition of their devices. This partition could be later mounted to PC as a virtual drive or scanned for deleted files with SST Android File Recovery Software.Use this tool if you could not mount your internal SD card as USB Mass Storage Device or you want to backup files from DATA partition.
SST Advanced Adb Shell is a usefull GUI utility to connect to your device through Android Debug Bridge (ADB) interface over USB. This tool can connect to your device even if multiple ADB devices are connected to PC. You could use it to send linux commands to your device like in linux/unix terminal window. SST Advanced Adb Shell is not a GUI frontend for adb.exe. It is entire GUI appliion that communies directly with ADB driver. Universal ADB driver is supplied in the installer. SST Android File Recovery is a GUI file recovery tool that helps the user to recover deleted files from alrdy rd by SST Android Data Backup Tool backup . With this tool you could recover you deleted pictures, s or documents even from etirely wiped data partition. Usually other recovery software recover data only from mounted, USB Mass Storage enabled devices and lack of support for devices with FUSE FS where the internal SD card is in DATA partition.
TestMode Tool is optional tool to enable Test Mode. In this mode the user can install drivers on 64 bit Vista/7/8/8.1 even if the driver is not digitally signed by . With this tool you could also toggle the TestMode.Download SST Android Suite Now!

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