Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Smallart Uhost1 HDMI Stick

Smallart U-Host U1S with Android4.04 is a low cost unique device who can replaced computer host and Internet box. It’s designed based on Linux technology, with a weight of 25 gm also including WIFI connectivity; it’s a super-mini machi.ne with exciting and wonderful ftures you can imagine.
It is idl for home users. You can surf the net, send emails, instant messaging, studying, play games, compose documents, manage accounts and sprdsheets, design and show presentations and lots of the other work. Almost everything one can do on a normal computer host. The most important is: you did not need a laptop or tablet PC.If you have such displayer with HDMI like television, monitor with spker or projector, etc. You can do everything through television, monitor with spker or projector, etc.
Slimly designed to keep the cost to absolute minimum without sacrificing product quality, performance and efficiency. With this and other detailed design optimizations, we achieve the following:

1. A quantum reduction in selling price. Making it affordable to almost everyone.
2. Dramatically light weight and ultra portability.
3. Very low current consumption
4. Low ht and environmental friendly.
5. Fast Start Up.


1. Light Weight, Compact, Slim & Stylish
2. Cortex-A8 ALLWINNER A10S simple Core, Processor speed 1GHZ
3. Android 4.04, multi-language(customerized language acceptable)
4. Business, , Entertainment & Eduion Software
5. Software Upgrades
6. Lowest Cost in History of computer’s host

Hardware Configuration

· CPU: Cortex-A8 ALLWINNER A10S simple Core, Processor speed 1GHZ
· Memory: 1G DDR3 (Optional 512MB)
· Storage: Built-in 4G memory (Optional 8G/16G/32G)
· Input Devices:
USB Interface :1×USB2.0 High Speed, support external USB mouse and USB boards
1×Mini USB: power supplied by adaptor
· Output Device:
: 1×HDMI
· Network equipment: Network card: Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
· Storage expansion: Micro SD card slot, support MAX to 32GB

Multi-display: L , L monitor, Projector
· O.S.: Android 4.0.4
· Multi-screen interactive cross-platform interconnection agreement in DLNA support, set up a smart home digital sharing network.
· Support 1080P HD

Basic parameters
· O.S.: Android 4.0.4
· Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 1.5G
· processor: ARM Mali 400
· RAM: 1GB
· ROM: 4GB (max to 32GB)
· Storage medium: Nand Flash
· Memory card: Support Micro SD(TF)card

Display screen
· L :above 32-inch L with HDMI port
· L monitor:Various sizes(with HDMI port)
· Projector:Various Specs(With HDMI port)
· Any equipments with HDMI port.
· Resolution:Support 1080P (min support 480P)
· Language:Support multi-language

· WiFi :support wifi 802.11b/g/n
· DLNA:Sharing with smart , tablet PCs, and laptops at the same time.

· Audio system:Support cable/wireless audio input
· Audio format:support RMVB//WKV/TS/H.264/WMV/MPEG4
· format:support 1080p(1920×1080), multi formats

· Data port:Mini USB
· Output:USB2.0
· Audio port:3.5mm cable
· port:HDMI
· Other ports:Micro SD(TF)card

Power supply
· Display equipment : Supply the power through double USB cable directly.
· External equipment: 5V/1A adapter(Use 5V/2A adapter, if need more equipments)

External equipment
· Camera: Cameras with various USB port
· board & mouse:Wired/wirless 2.4G
· Mic:Wired/wirless
· Storage:Hard /USB

· Dimensions:98×40×13mm
· Weight:35g
· Material:PC+VBS
· Color:Jet Black

· Uhost x1
· Umouse x1 (optional)
· Adapter x1
· Data cable x1
· HDMI cable
· User manual x1

· 13 months

Manufacturer website - www.smallart-odm.com

Louis Wang,Smallart LimitedTel: +86 755 26494556Fax: +86 755 82503930Mobile: +86 13717102979Skype: dedao.louisEmail: wangjia@smallart.com.cnWebsite:www.smallart.com.cnAddress: Room B, Floor 2, North Building, Lighting House, Keji South 12th Road, High-Tech Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

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