Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Smallart Uhost 2 Android Jelly Bn 4.1 firmware update U2.411.000.11.130204

The new U2.411.000.11.130204 firmware version for Smallart U2 is available for download. Download link here or from here.
Installation: download the new firmware, change the name of the update file into update.img and save it in SD card. Update last like 5 minutes, so be patient.Enjoy!

U2.411.000.11.130204 relse notes Support audio input device switch, fixed cannot support camera with MIC on Uhost2 with air mouse, skype and QQ works better now.Modify DLNA name to product modelAdd virtual operator function to make Google play works betterFixed remote control apk g-sensor and air mouse g-sensor coexistence issueAdd virtual operator function

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