Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Smallart Uhost 2 Android Jelly Bn 4.1 firmware update 411.000.11.130129

The new 411.000.11.130129 firmware version for Smallart U2 is available for download. Download link here and a mirror link here.Installation: download the new firmware, change the name of the update file into update.img and save it in SD card. Update last like 5 minutes, so be patient.


U2 411.000.11.130129 relse notes
- First relse base on Android 4.1.1
- Add remote control fture, control by Android phone with control APK
- Add internal SD card and external SD switch fture
- Add screenshot fture
- Update 3G USB dongle support module
- Support WIFI hotspot fture
- Add status bar hidden fture, mouse drag up from screen bottom to show status bar
- Remember and auto connect Bluetooth mouse after reboot.
- Optimize Camera support
- Optimize DLNA fture
- Rooted by default

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