Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Infinity Best v1.62 Direct Free DOWNLOAD

New Infinity Best v1.62 Direct Free DOWNLOADRelse Date:20/10/2014All USB flashing improved- MTKx Flash Engine revised- WP8x Flash Engine Revised- FlashLoaders updatedService Operations improved- WP8x : WP8.1 Check/Info option added- NXP : HW Revision check improved- MTKx : Full 130 (RM-1035,RM-1036,RM-1037) supportRPL operations : Rd/Write/VerifyFlash Rd activatedMAUI Repair Activated (Files uploaded to support ar)Counter Reset activated ( reset wrong SP unlock attempts )SPUnlock (BF) operation activatedNavi Firmware Manager DataBase updatedAll latest Lumia , MTKx , Asha and NXP firm includedNew 2014 models included :RM-984 : Lumia 830 (WP8.1)RM-985 : Lumia 830[LTE] (WP8.1)RM-1038 : Lumia 735[DS] (WP8.1)RM-1039 : Lumia 735[SS] (WP8.1)RM-1040 : Lumia 730 (WP8.1)DataBase revisedTotal NaviManager models count : 446Other- FFU Verify and info extraction improved- Stuff files updated- Ini updated and revisedsy Download Link Here

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