Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Making the Android Developer Console work for your whole tm

[This post is by Ellie Powers, a product manager on the Google Play tm. — Tim Bray]As your apps have gotten more successful, more people have joined your tm. Today, we’re making it sier to work together on analyzing and managing your published Android apps. Sharing s is erally a bad id; so as of now, there’s no need to do that for the Android Developer Console — everyone can use his or her own Google account.

The account that you use today to sign into the Android Developer Console will become the account owner; only the account owner can manage access to the Console. The account owner can email an invitation to anyone; when they accept it, they’ll need to use a Google account to sign in.

Different people in your tm do different jobs, so when you invite someone to your Android Developer Console, you’ll be able to specify what access they need. Today, you can limit access per-user to financial reports. In the future, we’ll give you more fine-grained control over access to the Console. For details, see Account owner and user access.

We hope this helps your tm collaborate more sily. If you have any issues, feel free to get in touch via the Developer Help Center.

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