Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HxcMagma V1.0.2.7 Added Factory Unlock-Free download

HxcMagma V1.0.2.7 Added Factory Unlock-Free downloadHxcMagma V1.0.2.7 Added Factory Unlock-New Alal Models for UnlockWhat's new ?
Added Factory Unlock !!

G870,G870A,SM-G357FZ,SM-G870,SM-G870A,SM-N910,SM-N910C,SM-N910FGalaxy Ace 4,Galaxy Ace 4 LTE,Galaxy Ace Style,Galaxy Ace Style LTE Galaxy S5 MiniGalaxy Core AdvanceGalaxy Core LTEGalaxy Grand 2 LTE Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 4G LTEGalaxy Tab 4 8.0 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE SM-G800SM-G800HSM-G386FSM-G386UGT-I8580 SM-G7105SM-G7105HSM-T217TSM-T337ASM-T537A Galaxy S5G900G900AG900FG900HG900IG900L G900MG900RG900SG900TG900W8SM-G900 SM-G900ASM-G900FSM-G900HSM-G900ISM-G900L SM-G900MSM-G900RSM-G900SSM-G900T SM-G900W8SM-G3815SM-N900SM-N9005SM-N900A N900KN900TN900UN900VSM-N900K SM-N900TSM-N900UN7000N7100N7100TGalaxy S3 4G Galaxy 4 Mini DualSimGalaxy Ace 2Galaxy BmGalaxy S CN Galaxy Express 2Galaxy Grand QuattroGalaxy MegaGalaxy S3 Galaxy NoteGalaxy Note 10.1 LTEGalaxy C105SGalaxy Tab 7 Galaxy Note 2 4GGalaxy Note 3Galaxy Note 3 LTEGalaxy Note 2 Galaxy S FEMMEGalaxy S Giorgio ******Galaxy ExpressTab 7 Wifi Galaxy SGalaxy S AdvancedT-MOBILE Galaxy S Blaze 4GGT-I9195 Galaxy S3 MiniGalaxy S4 4GGalaxy S4 LTEGalaxy S4 MiniGT-I9300 Galaxy S4 Mini LTEGalaxy S4 Zoom LTEGalaxy Salaxy Tab 10.1 Galaxy Tab 10.1 3GGalaxy Tab 3GT-I9300TGT-I9305GT-I9305NI8190 GT-I9305TGT-N7105GT-N7105TI8730I9000I9000BI9000LI8160 I9000MI9000TI9003I9008I9010I9020I9020AI9020TI9023I8530 I9032I9070I9088I9092I9100I9100LI9103I9103BI8552 I9103LI9192I9195I9200I9205I9220I9250I9505I9515I9300I9300T N7105N7105TN8020N900N9005N900A SNote 2I9305I9305N Note 2 4GP1000P1000LP1000MP1000NP1000TP1010I9305T P7500P7501S3 MiniS4 MiniS4 Mini LTES7710,SM-C105S,Galaxy S2AT&T SM-G730A,SM-T217A,T217A,S2,T Note 2,I317,I317M,I927,I957,I927R,G730A,AT&T Galaxy Tab 2 10.1,Galaxy S4 Active,Galaxy S Glide,Galaxy Tab 7,Galaxy S3 MiniAT&T Galaxy S4,T-MOBILE Galaxy S4,Galaxy Express,A927,Galaxy S3,Galaxy Note LTT&T Flight 2,Galaxy Note 2,Galaxy S Captivate,Galaxy S2 LTE,Galaxy S2 SkyrocketAT&T Galaxy Tab 8.9,GidimI337,I337M,I437,I497,I537,I717,I727,I727R,I747,I747MAT&T SGH-I537,SGH-I717,SGH-I747,SGH-I897,SGH-I927,SGH-I957,SGH-I987,I897,I987AT&T SGH-I317,SGH-I337,SGH-I473,SGH-I497,Galaxy Note 4G,Galaxy Note I717NTT DOCOMOGalaxy Note III SC-01F,SC-04D,N033,SC-02C,SC-02E,N900D,SM-N900DT-MOBILE Galaxy S3,M919N,SGH-T769,SGH-T849,SGH-T889,SGH-T989,SGH-T999T-MOBILE Note 2,T769,M919,Hercules,Galaxy Tab,SGH-M919,Galaxy S2ROGERS I896,Galaxy S Captivate,SGH-I896KDDI Galaxy Note 3 LTE SCL22,N900J,SM-N900JPrice:
10 Credits will be for 1 Unlock.Here we make some Credits Packs for you..

10 Credits Pack- Unlock Any 1 from the list - Price 12 Euro50 Credits Pack- Unlock Any 5 from the list - Price 55 Euro100 Credits Pack- Unlock Any 10 from the list - Price 100 Euro


Download:Index of ./Hxc_Magma/Setups/
Success Stories:Post here your success stories with HXCMAGMA!

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