Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Update It Symphony w25 / Ktouch w650 / Mobistar s01 / a7 ICS Guide & Firmware Free Download

File Extraction :
Download all files in a folder like this loion “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\”Select files like this photo and Use 7zip to Extract.
Make use you have folders Extracted like this
Download Rom
Updating Baseband :
This process is pretty nasty. I made a successful Update after trying a of times and fails, after that I installed XP SP3 and successfully Updated Baseband. So I would recommend you guys to Start this Upgrading Process with a Freshly Installed XP. I will try to give you as much as possible visual guide.

*It is not mandatory to install Android SDK and Java Runtime.
Install “jdk-7--i586.exe”Install “installer_r20.0.3-.exe” , make sure you have selected options red marked in this photo when Android SDK download files.
After download complete, Go to “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\(AP+BP)_ICS_S0 1\ICS_S01” This folder.Extract “NPRG7627A.zip” by right clicking it 7-zip > Extract HereCopy “NPRG7627A.hex” to “591357_8376_WMA_V0005” folder.Switch off your phone, remove battery, SIM cards, SD card.Place battery on your phone, Hold POWER BUTTON+VOLUME DOWN BUTTON together, you will see “QPST Entry Download”.Now, Connect your phone to your pc.You will see a popup like this, cancel it.
Go to your device manager and follow the procedure below :

For you the driver loion will be “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\S01_Drivers\drivers\Driver\HK1 1-VB717-27\HK11-VB717-27_1.0.56\Win32\x86\free”, Click Ok, and press Next. Driver will be installed. Close it. Go to device manager and you will see something like this :

In my case i got COM3, you may have diffrent port . Now go to “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\S01_flash_tools\fast_boot ” and Open “fastboot1.0.2.4.exe”. You will see something like this :
Click on “BP Browse” select folder “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\(AP+BP)_ICS_S0 1\ICS_S01\591357_8376_WMA_V0005″, Put the port on “BP Port”, take a deep brth and press Download, download should start if everything is alright, after download complete “fastboot1.0.2.4.exe” will close by itself. and you need to pull your phone battery to shut it down and disconnect the phone form your pc.AP Upload :
Place your phone battery on the phone, press POWER BUTTON + VOLUME UP and wait until you see a GREEN display on your phone.Connect you phone and you will see a new Device is found named Android, now install the drivers by following procedure like previously shown and use the folder “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\S01_Drivers\drivers\Driver\adb _driver” for drivers.After driver installation complected, go to “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\S01_flash_tools\EMMC_AP” and open “QUALFAST2.0.4(Factory).exe”
Click on “SEL PATH” button and select “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\(AP+BP)_ICS_S0 1\ICS_S01\TBW591357_9999_V0001_2″ folder click ok. you will see :
Now press “OK” and wait for first “Waiting Devices…” to complte and then disconnect the phone, pull your battery and start your phone. ICS should start with creepy foreign language.

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