Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to restore your iPhone 1000% restore

How to restore your iPhone 1000% restoreIf your iPhone is misbehaving and you don’t know what the issues is, it is most likely some bug in the recent update that you just got. One of the ways to eliminate the issues is to restore your iPhone to factory settings.To restore your iPhone, follow these simple steps:1. Connect your iPhone to your computer.2. Run iTunes. ( If you don’t have iTunes installed, you can download it from)3. Click the iPhone icon to proceed to iPhone summary section:3. *VERY IMPORTANT* Back up your iPhone. Note: Once you connected your iPhone, iTunes will automatically start backing up your iPhone. However, sometimes automatic back cannot be found later when you need to use it, therefore once the automatic back up is finished, click “Back Up” button again. The button can be found when you scroll down in the “Information” tab. Take a glance at the time on your computer. You will need it in the next step.4. *VERY IMPORTANT* Check that your back up is saved in iTunes so that you don’t lose any of your important messages, contacts, photos and other data.
On Macs: in iTunes, click iTunes at the top left corner and choose “Preferences”. In the window that pops up, clikc “Devices” tab. There you will see ar called “Device backups”. Make sure to compare the time of the most recent back up matches the time when you made the backup manually. If it does, then you are good to go to the next step. If not, go back to Step 3.On : Press alt button on your board. At the top left you will see a little menu pop up. Click “Settings”. In the window that popup, click “Devices” and there you will see all of your backups. Make sure the time of the most recent backup matches the time when you did your backup. If it does, go to the next step. If it does not, go back to Step 3.*For PRO users, you may want to knowwhere your back ups are loed:Mac:~/Library/Appliion Support/MobileSync/Backup/
The “~” represents your Home folder. If you don’t see Library in your Home folder, hold Option and click the Go menu. Vista, 7, and 8:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\ Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
To quickly access the AppData folder, click Start. In the srch bar, type %appdata%, then press Return. XP:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Appliion Data\ Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
To quickly access the Appliion Data folder, click Start, then choose Run. In the srch bar, type %appdata%, then click OK.5. You are almost done. Now click “Restore” button. You will be asked by iTunes if you are sure that you want to restore your iPhone. Click “Continue” and iTunes will download the latest version of iOS, if it is not yet downloaded. Then, the restore will be in process.6. After the restore process is finished, you will be prompted to a few option how to set up your iPhone. You can either set it up as “New” or install a back up. If you want to set it up as new, you will not have any of the messages, calls, photos, contacts and calendar events. To install a back up, simply choose the most recent (*use the time you noted in Step 3*). iTunes will proceed to restore your back back to your iPhone. Once its done, iTunes will tell you to wait 10-15 seconds until your iPhone is restarting. Once that is done, you are done!If you found this post useful, plse give us a follow on Twitter or give our Facebook page a likeGood Luck!

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