Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Jailbrk Belle FP1-100% ok

How to Jailbrk Belle FP1-100% okHow to Jailbrk Belle FP1

Belle FP1 is the new phone update for 808* 700* 701 and 603. Here* we are going to guide you how to Jailbrk Belle FP1 using the simple r method.

Jailbrk Belle FP1

1. Download all the required file to Jailbrk Belle FP1.
2. Next* extract the downloaded file* and transfer the extracted file to your phone using Bluetooth or Data Cable. Once you have transferred the extracted file* you will be able to see the following files in your phone:

Norton .sisRom er Plus 3.1.sisxX-Plore.sisxInstall Server 1.7 RP+.rmp

3. Next* install Norton .sis* Rom er Plus 3.1.sisx and X-Plore.sisx on your phone (if asked* install it on C: drive on your phone). Once* you are done* you will be able to see the following 3 icons on your phone:

4. Now* Open Norton Security by taping on the Norton Security icon on your Phone. In Norton Security* Tap on the Options >Antivirus > Quarantine List.

5. Once Quarantine List is opened* you will be able to see few files. You have to Tap on the Options Button and Select Restore All. After Selecting the Restore All button* a Message will popup on screen* saying Do you want to restore all entries from the Quarantine* Tap on Yes Button to continue.

6. Now* you have to delete Norton .sis (Norton Security) from your phone. In order to delete the Norton Security* simply Tap on the icon for few second* a popup menu will appr with Delete option.

7. Now* Launch Rom er+ on your phone. In Rom er+* You will be able to see 2 options showing on the screen i.e Install Server RP+ and Open4All Rp+. You have to Select Open4All Rp+ option by Double taping on it.

Once you double tap on the Open4All Rp+ option* the blue Icon turns into green.

Now* Tap on the Options button and select All > Apply.

8. Now* open X-Plore and loe the Install Server 1.7 RP+.rmp file* that you have transferred to your phone in step #1. You have to move or copy this file to to C:\.

9. Now* again start Rom er+ and select Install ServerRP+ 1.7 RP+and Tap on the Options button and select Add to Auto.

Then Again Tap on the Options button and Select All > Apply.

11. Now* Restart your Phone.
After restating the phone* you can check whether your phone is Jailbrk-ed or not. To check it download this certifie error app and try to install it on your phone* if you are able to install it without getting any certifie error* then it mns you have successfully jailbrk ed your phone.
[*] You can use the above Jailbrk method to Jailbrk 808* 700* 701 and 603 phone.
[*] As usual a big thanks to the rs and other members for their hard work and contribution to the Jailbrk community.
We are hoping that this Jailbrk method will help you to Jailbrk Belle FP1 supported device without any issue.

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