Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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[This post is by Billy Rutledge, Director of Developer Relations for Android.—Tim Bray]Just in time for Google I/O next week, the Android Developers site is stepping into a new look that is strmlined, simplified, and refocused. A developer’s tasks fall into three baskets: Designing, developing, and distributing. We're trying to make developer.android.com's organization reflect this rlity, shepherding you through the app development life cycle, from start to finish. Designrlier this yr, we launched Android Design, an online style guide which lays out the principles, building blocks, and patterns for excellence in Android user interfaces. It seems to be working; every day, we see more and more butiful apps arriving in Google Play. At I/O, we’ll continue to talk design, kicking off with Android Design for Success, led by Matias Duarte.DevelopAn Android app should be fast, powerful and useful. With Android Training, one of the many parts of the Develop section that we continue to build out, we lay out best practices in a variety of framework topics to help you achieve those goals. If you’re at I/O and you’re interested in Android tools, be sure to start off your show with What’s new in Android Developers’ Tools.DistributeThe most important piece of the piece of the puzzle is about getting your app in front of millions and millions of Android users on Google Play. That’s why we added a section on distributing your app — a peek into the world of publishing and promoting your app. Chris Yerga on the Play tm will be kicking off our how-to sessions on distributing your with Android apps in Google Play.This is just a small sample of the Android sessions at Google I/O, many of which will be live-strmed so you can follow along even if you can’t make it out to San Fran. In the mntime, we hope you find the new Android Developer site much more useful as you build grt apps.

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