Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Android SDK Tools, Revision 20

[This post is by Xavier Ducrohet, Tech Ld for the Android developer tools]

Along with the preview of the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bn) platform, we launched Android SDK Tools R20 and ADT 20.0.0. Here are a few things that we would like to highlight.

Appliion templates: Android ADT supports a new appliion templates for crting new appliion, blank activity, master-detail flow, and custom view. These templates support the Android style guide thus making it faster and sier to build butiful apps. More templates will be added over time.

Tr for GLES: With this new tool you can capture the entire sequence of OpenGL calls made by an app into a trace file on the host and replay the captured trace and display the GL state at any point in time.

Device Monitor: To help you to sily debug your apps, all the Android debugging tools like DDMS, traceview, hierarchyviewer and Tr for GLES are now built into one single appliion.
Systrace: Improving app performance does not have to be a guesswork any more. Systrace for Jelly Bn and above lets you sily optimize your app. You can capture a slice of system activity plus additional information tagged from the Settings > Developer Options > Monitoring: Enable traces or with specific calls added to your appliion .

To lrn more on the layout editor, XML editing, build system & SDK Manager improvements, plse rd the ADT 20.0.0 and SDK Tools R20 relse notes.

Join us today, June 28th, at the “What’s new in Android developer tools” session for some fun tool demos and a snk-pk into what’s coming next.

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