Tuesday, May 24, 2016

All MTK Network Unlock Pattern Reset

All MTK Network Unlock Pattern ResetGCPro Update 0011 Relsed. Happy to Relse
GcPro GSMTool Version Relsed at 17-10-2014
What's new?

Added MOST ,tablet WITH MTK CPU base SAFE RD UNLOCK ..ADB+ROOT need.,,Many others. Added ICS(4.0.x) TO KITKAT(4.4.0) no root pattern reset with just ADB. World first. Added Basic Android device support. FASTBOOT MODE ONLY. Added SIM-LOCK STATUS CHECK LOCK OR UNLOCK rd on rdinfo in FASTBOOT MODE.(WITHOUT S-OFF) World first. Added IMEI1,IMEI2 RD WRITE SUPPORT FASTBOOT MODE(S-OFF need). World first. Added SUPER CID 1 CLICK SUPPORT FASTBOOT MODE(S-OFF need). Added CHANGE CID 1 CLICK SUPPORT FASTBOOT MODE(S-OFF need). Added G900H,G900F,N750 super imei files. Added "Rd info ADB" in tab sy for all users. Improved NVRAM IMEI will check for current imei in NVRAM and show to user. Improved Fastboot Device format will report if phone not allow it. Improved GUI MTK have his own tab now.user can do all from it. Improved Android tab "Full Details" option will be by default ticked to avoid user rd non usefull details.. Improved working with adb on rd file. Improved reset efs will warn user if backup is fail some rson.

ALL new s-off,sim unlock may come soon.

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