Tuesday, May 24, 2016

8520 TrackPad is no way to check it Tested Solution

(Translated by Google. If you make a mistake, I apologize).

When I had the initial symptoms of BB8520 if the first thing I would do is.
- Try a new look by changing the TrackPad / not lost.

- Wright ld to pin IC socket and Control Track Pad (U803) / not lost.

- Msure the voltage fed three main and run the socket IC U803 and the TrackPad.
1: - V1_8DIG pin 2 (from BQHuge).
2: - V2_85TKBL pin 19 (from BQHuge).
3: - OJ_LS_EN 1.8V pin 10 (from the CPU).

- If voltage is rched. When I stand on the left of the U803 (11-19 feet) to the socket or the lack of TrackPad.
If you lack the time to contact me is pin socket, if not the next view.

- The U803 and then msure the resistance of the right leg (thigh. 2-10) compared ground. Whether or not the resistance. Using the ohm meter needle X1k.
Then see if the needle hit or not. * No need to do that with me. Just wiggle the needle is available. If I did not, and still connected to the circuit.
If the needle does not wiggle *** mns I'll have to brk the cycle. Even while making use of it. Did not msure the resistance.
Without the pin 3 - pin 9 you only have to come and see it, but the CPU is a Warm judgment.
(*** Pin 1 and Pin 20 is the pin that is not used ***).

OJ_LS_EN *** *** except pin 10 or EN 1.8V supply from the CPU to order the U803 system.
Despite this lack of CPU, but at this point we can draw power from the pseudo-U803 works by using light instd 1.8DIG EN 1.8V power from the CPU.

If this is not possible with the conditions you have checked all the steps above and ensure that it is actually pin 10 or OJ_LS_EN.
(U803 can not lose it).

Continue this pattern. Tested. I guarantee that if I was 10 or OJ_LS_EN follow this through something I'm 100% sure.But .... I am not a technical expert. What is presented to them. It's a blend of experience and technical information that is just a little bit.
If errors or Kadtkbkprg where we come here with me. Or I would. Have any additional information. Additives to be added to it.

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