Tuesday, May 24, 2016

111 No Power With Battery Solution 100% Tested

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1- 111 is not getting power on with battery.
2- 111 is dd and not getting power on with battery.
3-But it can be switch on with direct power supply of 4v.

To solve this problem you should have
1-Any electronics clner.
2-Hot Air Machine.
3-Solding Iron.
4-And same mother board if a few components required.
1-Check 111 with new battery and try to switch on.
2-If it can not be power on with battery then check with Power Supply.
3-Disassamble 111 and look at mother board very carefully.
4-If there is some rust or carbon on board then cln it with electronics clner.
5-Apply hot air with Hot air gun. Here should not be much ht because it can harm you and Mobile
6-Check Mobile phone with battery if it can be power on with it.
7-If not working with above process then change these parts as shown in above diagram.
1-Do not apply to much ht it can be harm for your skin and mobile.
2-Do not apply to much clner it can be cause of rust or carbon if you do not make your phone dry.
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